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Digital design made from a photograph taken in Paris, on a trip with some members of my crew. The design represents the passion and freedom one feels when dedicating oneself to what really fills one. And it reminds us and encourages us not to let go of any dream, no matter how impossible it may seem. This design is born from the work and effort to be yourself, fight for what you are passionate about and never give up.

I was always told that I would not be able to live by doing what I like. After the trip to Paris, remembering it, I saw this photograph and felt I could do it. Personally, I encourage you to dedicate yourself professionally to your passion, whatever it may be and however impossible it may seem. When you are passionate about your work you bring more value and feel better about yourself.

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  • Paris Print.
  • Limited series 25 units, numbered and signed.
  • Technique: Screen printing with two hand-printed inks in Taller Bohemia.
  • Size: A3+ (32,9×48,3 cm).
  • Paper with matt texture 200gr.
  • Original: Digital illustration.


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