Resaks began painting in year 2008.

We can see constant experimentation in Resaks’s work. He is a person who values versatility a
lot and does not like to be repetitive. He always tries to add something new to each piece, thus
forging his own style. His work stems from Graffiti although he always tries to draw on other
artistic fields outside this one.

Resaks’s work is about freedom. He grew up hearing that he would never be able to live by
doing what he liked, his work invites the viewer to reflect on his life, encourages him to
dedicate himself professionally to the passion of each one, to add value and feel good about
oneself. To live with passion and without fear. To experiment, make mistakes and have fun. To
enjoy the freedom that connecting with yourself and your passion gives us. To not be afraid to
be different, to live each day as you really decide to live it and enjoy it.

In his work we can appreciate this essence. We can see how he works with organic, geometric
shapes, optical patterns, neon, color gradients, etc. Connecting the analog with the digital, the
organic with the most mathematical forms and the classic with experimentation and
innovation. Making mistakes. Because his work could be described for many as constant
mistake, but in mistakes there is also the beauty of growth and evolution, characteristics of
Resaks’s works.


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